ernest cooper



I like to driver and have fun in life and help people.

Professional Experiences

security guard

vinson security guard

Since September 2009
new orlenas - United States

I watch banks and hotel and apartmentbuilding and warehouseing.I work for brinks armed truck as a driver.Driving and stoping picking up money for stores and banks.I work for marriott hotel for 18 years as a breakfastcook and a lunchcook.


marriot hotel

From January 1991 Till May 2009
new orlenas - United States

I cook for marriott hotel for 18 years as a lead cook my duites was to cook breasfast and lunch.


brinks armed truck

From August 2005 Till November 2008
new orlenas - United States

I was a driver for brinks security company for 3 months>I drove around the picking up money from banks and store and mc donalds and wendys.

Educational Background

ernest cooper

l.b.landry high school

June 1990
new olrenas - United States

I like art and sports and fishing and hunting


like to draw

draw for the fun of it


like to drive and have fun and take people to difference locates.

Personal Interests

like to talk to people

Like to have fun in life

plystation 3

I like playing the playstation 3 and going to the show with family and have fun.

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